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Heat Pack for Plant Shipping 40 hrs, 72 hrs

Heat Pack for Plant Shipping 40 hrs, 72 hrs

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We recommend adding this heat pack to your live plant order with Frond & Folia when temperatures in your delivery area on the day of delivery are predicted to be under 40 degrees F. The day of delivery is when the package is most likely to be exposed to the elements, once it is delivered and sitting on the door step. During the rest of the journey the shipment is sheltered enough in most cases to not need a heat pack.

Please select either a 40 or 72 hour heat pack. We can not guarantee shipments other than USPS Priority (1-3 day transit time within the US) when temperatures are under 40 degrees during the delivery time frame.

Use of a heat pack when temperatures are above 40 degrees can cause damage to the plant.

If temperatures are predicted to be under 40 degrees on the day of delivery, you may want to make sure that someone is at the delivery address to accept the package. The shipment should be immediately placed in a climate controlled environment. If your plant arrives with cold damage or damage in shipping, please contact us with photos within 2 hours of delivery. This is the only way we can assure that damage does not occur on the day of delivery.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Cold Weather Shipping & Heat Packs

We are happy to provide tropical houseplants to plant lovers across the country year-round, and we always guarantee a happy and healthy delivery. We ship plants from South Carolina, where we experience a relatively mild climate throughout the year. However, we regularly ship to areas with temperature extremes. The majority of our packages are shipped via USPS, and we have found that they do an excellent job of keeping their parcels safe from extreme temperatures. We recommend that someone is available on the day of delivery to retrieve the package as this is when it is most likely to be exposed.

We are grateful to see less than 1% of plants damaged by heat or cold. Our secure packaging method provides an insulated cocoon for the plant, which offers a degree of protection against temperature extremes. If you have concerns about low temperatures, we also offer 72 hour heat packs. We recommend adding a heat pack to your order when daytime highs are below 45 degrees during the date range which your order is expected to deliver. You can find these heat packs in our shop, or directly from this listing

If you have purchased a heat pack, and upon our review of your areas predicted temperatures we determine that it is not needed, or that it may be detrimental to the plant, we will not include the heat pack, and will issue you a refund for the heat pack.

If you have any questions regarding heat packs, or concerns regarding temperatures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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