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Fresh Cut Red Cedar Branches, Juniperus Virginiana

Fresh Cut Red Cedar Branches, Juniperus Virginiana

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6-8 inches branches

They will be fresh cut upon your order, except for the dried cedar option. Your limbs will not be the exact ones pictured but will be very similar. Red cedar can be sharp and prickly. NO RUSH ORDERS without prior communication.

For a smaller amount, get just under one pound of red cedar in an 18" box; this is about 3-4 branches . These are cut 15" to 18" long.
Or get 2 to 3 pounds of fresh red cedar that fill a large priority flat rate box. These branches will range from 10" to 15" long, and there will be about 10 branches.

The eastern red cedar is an ancient tree, dating to aboriginal America, where fossil evidence indicates it covered large portions of the continent. Early explorers Arthur Barlowe and Phillip Amadus admired the cedars, saying the trees were "the tallest and reddest cedars in the world" when they arrived at Roanoke Island in 1564. Colonial craftsmen used the wood from the eastern red cedar for furniture and fences, as it had superior weathering capability and was easy to work with. The wood also repels moths and is used in chests and closets for this reason.

In ancient cultures, cedar was used to cleanse sacred spaces, to heal and protect, and to summon spirits during rituals. Today modern wiccans and aromatherapists recognize the fragrance of both wood and oil to promote spirituality, and simply inhale the sweet antiseptic and calming scent before religious or spiritual rituals to deepen connection with deity or spirit. Cedar’s scent is also thought to bring ourselves into balance.

These wild growing cedar branches were gathered in a clean, unsprayed, untrammeled NH meadow.

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